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Ted Cruz Made Millions Representing Injured People While Trying to Strip Them of their Rights

The New York Times had an interesting profile of former attorney and current presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who made over $3,000,000 representing injured people in a personal injury case while at the same time railing against the very system he made millions from.

"The case was wrenching and sad. Mr. Cruz made it clear that if his firm were to take the [injured party's] case, fighting the appeal of the judgment filed by the [defendant] nursing home operator, ManorCare, “the money had to be right,” Michael Gross, one of two attorneys representing the plaintiff, recalled this week. Mr. Cruz handled the appeal. ManorCare settled on the eve of arguments before the New Mexico Supreme Court."

Mr. Cruz’s attacks on personal injury awards while working to preserve two huge awards “seems so hypocritical now,” Mr. Gross says."

Tort reform (stripping injured people of their constitutional remedies) is a major plank in Ted Cruz's platform, despite his lucrative efforts to prevail in the New Mexico Supreme Court.

Like Cruz, many tort reformers have had been exposed as hypocrites.

is a Portland personal injury lawyer. He exclusively represents injured people against insurance companies and corporations.

Portland personal injury lawyer Charley Gee
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